Planetary Steward Award


Business is critical part of the solution to global sustainability as the institution which can most effectively and efficiently implement and disseminate change in the global economic


Addressing global ecological problems such as clean, renewable, non-toxic energy, water conservation and recycling, raw material use, depletion and recycling, etc have all come to the fore as nations and societies wrestle with these issues and seek to solve the problems inherent in the converging trends of rapidly growing populations, and increasing consumption patterns, that inevitably conflict with the natural limits of the physical world.

The principles of economics apply to human behavior in distributing scarce/desirable resources. If the world is to move towards sustainability, business has a major role to play by being “part of the solution”. Consequently, a new paradigm has come into being, that “one can do well by doing good”.

There are already many visionary business leaders who have started and completed projects that are moving the world towards sustainability. We seek to recognize and acknowledge them and their accomplishments.


An annual award that recognizes business leaders who have already made a major difference in moving the world towards sustainability through their projects, processes or policies. These awards may be national, regional, or global. Major business organizations will be our partners and co-sponsors of these awards, and the awards event, typically at the annual meeting of the organization, would celebrate the contribution that the individual/s being recognized, and the business community as a whole makes towards moving the world towards sustainability.


The business community has a vital role to play in this quest. We seek to recognize and acknowledge the business leaders who have already stepped up to the plate. To do so, we are partnering with Chambers of Commerce, Business/Industry Associations and similar institutions which are committed to a sustainable future and have recognized a duty to the generations to come. We will sponsor prizes and awards to acknowledge the contributions made by business and industry in the journey towards sustainability. Please contact us if you are an business association interested in partnering with us.