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We invite you to participate in the creation of a sustainable future for the next millennium, and beyond.

The opportunity

Legendary venture capitalist John Doerr says “…greentech is the biggest economic opportunity of the 21st century …the next big thing”.

There are many fantastic new technologies that thousands of entrepreneurs are taking to market. But while there are a number of examples of promising technologies, in renewable energy production (biofuels, storage, solar, wind, tides, gasification, algae, CCS, powertrain efficiency etc), carbon capture, biotech, transportation, engineered materials etc, the world needs to be developed and deployed with higher velocity, by entrepreneurs who recognize the problems, and consequent opportunities and rewards for those who solve them.

The venture community seems to have understood this, judging by the rapidly increasing investment into sustainable technologies.

FSF works towards informing and involving the business, political and academic communities, to catalyze the process of integrating sustainability into the design of the economic structures and systems of tomorrow.

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