Technology Dissemination

We propose to obtain donated copies of the magazines from the publishers, and distribute them in developing countries to libraries of schools and colleges where the subject matter would be of maximum interest, and where the readership would be maximized.

Sustainable Tech Business Plans 2009

Sustainability is profitable. Corporations committed to sustainability have a superior profit record, and increasing investor interest. Sustainable index funds are a fast rising sector of the overall investment market. It is a favorite sector for venture capital.
Sustainable Public Policy Award

Sustainable Public Policy Award

We intend to educate, inform, and provoke debate within the public policy community, through a prestigious public policy competition, open to students at the leading public policy schools both in the USA and overseas.

Sustainability Economic Theory

Classical Western-culture/values-based economic theory is not providing the models and policy prescriptions that are needed to stave off what appears to be a foreseeable collision in the next several decades between economic consumption expectations and desires in the developing world versus the dwindling resources available to satisfy them, and concurrently provide adequately for the future.

Sustainability Countdown

Expressing the long-term sustainability of the planet in this format may be somewhat controversial and dramatic, but will help focus attention and energy on solving the problems that threaten the human race on planet Earth.

Planetary Steward Award

Business is critical part of the solution to global sustainability as the institution which can most effectively and efficiently implement and disseminate change in the global economic paradigm.

Fiber Futures

Fiber Futures is a dedicated advocacy and consulting group that focuses on catalyzing the use of agricultural residues and fibers from non-wood plants for building materials, pulp & paper, textiles and other industries.

An Inconvenient Truth

Produced by Participant Productions and distributed by Paramount Vantage Pictures, the Al Gore movie “An Inconvenient Truth” has been seen by many tens of millions in the English-speaking world. It has presented and interpreted data that has had signal impact in the public consciousness, ignited unprecedented editorial and public debate, and precipitated a re-ordering of national priorities.